The K + B Boutique



The K + B Boutique is an online boutique offering a variety of fashion items, including clothing, accessories, beauty products, etc. for both women and men. This online business started out as more of a hobby and over time has grown and recently turned into more of a career. The K + B Boutique is located within the Poshmark platform, a community of buyers and sellers that enjoy connecting and sharing their passions in business and fashion.

Upon turning this into a full-time career, some exciting changes are coming very soon! You can expect to see more new with tags and designer items available in the store. I am in the process of obtaining a strong boutique inventory. Keep an eye out in my store for some exciting new items from fashion forward brands!

Some more changes include new packaging, faster shipping, and fun promotions. Shipping speed will be faster than ever, and we are working to adapt to more eco-friendly packaging materials, as well as come up with new promotions like the Weekly Friday Giveaway, which has been a huge success.

K + B Boutique always strives to offer each and every customer a personalized experience with exceptional service. The brand strongly values integrity, quality, community, health and wellness, diversity, and environmental sustainability.


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