Hadley’s Bar + Kitchen – Columbus, OH


Hadley’s Bar + Kitchen was one of the many new restaurants that B and I got to try out during our last visit to Columbus. We walked past while looking for a spot for lunch, and this place instantly caught my eye. It is beautifully designed, and the large chalkboard sign out front listed lots of great options for lunch!

It was Sunday afternoon so everywhere was packed for brunch, but we were able to get right in without a wait. Although this place is a bit small, the layout allows for many people to fit in here at once. The downside to this is the noise level, and I would not recommend this place for a quiet meal unless you are not dining during peak business hours. The modern, industrial look of this restaurant is absolutely stunning, and there are large floor-to-ceiling windows covering much of the building, making it feel somewhat larger than it is. The environment was kept neat and clean, including both the dining and restroom areas. There were booths, tables, and high tops available. We ended up sitting at a high top, which we enjoyed, but we would probably get a booth next time. It was a bit frustrating sitting at the high top with how busy the restaurant was. People were constantly running past us and bumping into us.

There were so many great options, but I immediately chose the Monte Cristo off of the brunch menu. I have always wanted to try one of these sandwiches and have not seen this as a menu item at many places, so now was my chance. The Monte Cristo was a good choice. It consists of smoked ham and turkey along with swiss cheese on a brioche bun that is battered, fried, and sprinkled with a coat of powdered sugar. It comes with a side of raspberry jam, which is absolutely delicious! I love the way all of the ingredients come together in this sandwich to create a unique but amazingly good overall taste. The only thing that I feel could have been improved is that the sandwich was a little too greasy for my liking, and I think this could have been toned down a bit. The hash browns were outstanding! I loved the unique waffle shape that I haven’t seen offered anywhere else. They were seasoned and crisped to perfection! I felt that the quality of food was on point with the prices.

Monte Cristo Sandwich

Processed with VSCO with e7 preset

The service was good. We were greeted promptly upon walking in. In addition, we received our orders pretty quickly, especially for how busy it was.

Overall, this place is definitely worth checking out! It’s a super cool hang out spot with unique, delicious food options. Just be prepared for a crowd if you’re going during brunch hours. I had a really great experience here and would go back next time I’m in Columbus. I loved the food and the design of the restaurant!


Atmosphere: 3 Stars

Food: 4 Stars

Service: 4 Stars

Comfort: 3 Stars

Location: 5 Stars

Overall: 4 Stars


+ Fun Atmosphere, Gorgeous Design/Architecture, Clean Environment, Unique Offerings, Seating Options Variety, Good Service, Good Food, Fast Service, Convenient Location, Price/Quality Consistency

– Loud Atmosphere, Close Seating Proximity


Hadley’s Bar + Kitchen – Columbus, OH

260 S. 4th Street

Columbus, OH 43215

(614) 222-3022

Price Range: $$

Hadley’s Website




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