Pack It Chic Polymailers

Pack It Chic Polymailers

After hearing great things about using polymailers for Poshmark packages, I have recently tried some by Pack It Chic. I absolutely love them and will continue using polymailers to ship my orders out.

I would highly recommend this particular brand. I have had an excellent experience using them, and many well-known Poshers use them as well. The Pack It Chic polymailers are durable and come in various high quality, trendy designs.

If you’re looking for a way to spice up your Posh packaging, these are perfect and relatively inexpensive. I spent about $19 for 100 of them. I have received amazing feedback from my buyers regarding these polymailers. They absolutely love them, and I would highly recommend them to other Poshmark sellers.

You can grab these super cute avocado polymailers on Amazon, along with many other designs by Pack It Chic. The link is below!

Pack It Chic Polymailers


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